Beat Male Manhood – Maximizing Menopause By Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It is a known fact that every woman goes through a menopause at some point in her feminine life. testosterone replacement therapy plano texas As a woman enters 40 years old, her hormones begin to reduce its production until it will eventually stop. This is when a woman is in menopause. Menopause is more popular among women than on men, with only few realizing that men experience menopause too. Men menopause is called andropause. In some areas and case studies, this condition is still a subject of scrutiny.

Andropause is due to male’s incapability for testosterone production. As this happens, symptoms are relevant to that of the female menopause indications. Men in an andropause stage gets easily irritated, depressed, and feel fatigue even with less physical activities. Another sign of male menopause that men exhibit is his sexual disinterest. For this reason, marital conflicts can arise. Some marriages are known to fail or are on rocky grounds for this reason. It may be shallow for others, but it is a sad fact.

To avoid any more marital problems or any issues for the matter, it is wise for couple to go counseling together or treatments to help the husband on this debilitating stage. Wives on the other hand, should be extremely supportive. Even if andropause occurs at some point, there are already steps to help prepare for this inevitable period, and to help couples in dealing with the male menopausal effects.

The primary reason for andropause is the decrease production of testosterone. To counteract this, testosterone replacement therapy is now medically available. By this procedure, some symptoms will be minimized like sex drive, constant tiredness and depression. Without all these, you still have the drive and passion even at the onset of male menopause. This will surely enhance your personal life with your partner, reducing conflicts and other emotional problems. This not only saves your relationship with your spouse but also results to a harmonious bond with those around you because of your better outlook and mood. It eliminates the strain and irritability brought upon by andropause. Take advantage of your manhood without letting male menopause get the best from you. You can give testosterone replacement therapy a try but with your doctor’s consent. Never disregard a professional medical advise. The TRT is one way to overcome this life-changing period.

You may think you are into mid-life crisis. It could be, or you it is simply a male menopause that you are going through. Do not forget that menopause is not solely for women, but men too. There is really such a thing as male menopause, whether you believe this or not. There is no reason for you to be alarmed though. This is not a severe illness or whatsoever; it is just a phase in your life. It is as normal as breathing and other biological related condition in man’s life cycle.